Sunday, 17 February 2008

Enter Simba Makoni: Is Zimbabwe heading towards a better future?

The entrance into the presidential race by Dr Simba Makoni is the most exciting thing that has happened to Zimbabwean Politics in the last 10 years. Politicians, civil society leaders and ordinary Zimbabweans have been asking themselves if he is the answer to a more than decade long crisis. Whatever the case, NYDT believes that the most positive thing that has resulted from Makoni’s entry into the Presidential race has been that most people and most notably the youths, have gone to register to vote in next month’s harmonized elections.

After years and years of preaching the message to the young to participate in the electoral game, finally, something has made them take their first step towards participation. This must tell us something. It in a way answers the questions as to why youths have been apathetic in previous elections. Maybe they did not realize the importance of voting then compared to now or they had not found anyone worthy of voting for.

However, a lot of mystery still surrounds this last minute action by Dr Makoni, a longtime ZANU PF member and Robert Mugabe loyal. While others believe he is the bridge between the nationalists and those calling for a democratic revolution since he understands ZANU PF operations and is generally acceptable to international, regional and local democratic forces, others believe that he is nothing more that a ZANU PF creation to cause confusion and divisions within the opposition movements in Zimbabwe.

They raise questions as to why he took so long to breakaway. If the ZANU PF congress produced and unworthy candidate why did he hang in there until the end of ZANU PF primaries and a realization that he won’t make it to parliament. Many have asked why he remained a loyal member of a politburo which presided over decisions which resulted in gross human rights violations. Such decisions include, the Gukurahundi massacres, land/ farm invasion, unleashing of green bombers on opposition politicians, Operation Murambatsvina, the Industrial invasions and many such events that he seems to have kept quiet about over the years.

Those who support him have been quick to defend him and argue that the decisions in the politburo are made by about 40 members and that it is possible that Dr Makoni has voted against most decisions that led to disastrous directives and policies such as the gukurahundi massacres, land reform and the invasion of factories. There are also arguments to the fact that, as a loyal member of ZANU PF, he could not publicly declare his opposition to the ZANU PF leadership at these occassions.

During his first press conference, Dr. Makoni announced that he is still a loyal member of ZANU PF and this means that he is loyal to ZANU PF ideologies, ZANU PF principles and ZANU PF policies yet it is such policies, principles and ideologies that have brought us to where we are today. Another eyebrow raising incident is that of him filing his papers to contest in the ZANU PF primaries for an MP’s seat in the Makoni District. The question is, if he originally wanted to be president in place of Mugabe today, why was he willing to sit in parliament being led by the same man he is now challenging. His defenders allege that his nomination papers for the ZANU PF primaries were filled by someone else and that Dr. Makoni was out of the country by then. What they have not said however is who instructed that person to complete the nomination for Makoni

Also suspicious is the secrecy surrounding those who are in ZANU PF and are said to be in full support of him. The only close associates that have been seen hanging around the rebel Dr. are Dr Ibbo Mandaza and Kudzai Mbuzi. Save from media speculation that General Solomon Mujuru, Retired Colonel Vitalis Zvinavashe, and former Zipra Intelligence Chief Dumiso Dabengwa are amongst some of his backers, we have not heard of any more and none of those mentioned above have come out to publicly support Makoni. Once again his loyalists have argued that it is a matter of strategy for his other backers not to come out publicly because that will make them targets of the regime.

With less than 40 days to go before the historic harmonized elections, Dr Makoni has a lot to prove to the nation about how genuine he is about altering the fortunes of ordinary Zimbabweans and how capable he is of delivering if he is to be given the chance to do so.

Youths, have your say on this issue. Do you think Dr Simba Makoni offers a better answer to Zimbabwe’s problems than President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai? Do you trust his intentions and why? Please also let us know if you are a registered voter, if you will go ahead and vote and if not why you will not do so?. When you vote will you be voting according to the candidate’s party or according to the candidate’s capabilities.

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Anonymous said...

Let me begin by thanking the architects of ths web blog. thank you so much for creating this platform for young people to share their views. Simba Makoni is a better candidate than Robert Mugabe and Morgan tsvangirai rolled into one.he is proving to be even more popular that the two brought together. being youthful as he is i will definitely vote for him. he has the academic credentials, the experience with economic issues and the experience of being in governmentwhich we need to get out of the current mess
viva makoni Viva

Anonymous said...

Well, it is a welcome move that Simba has entered into the current political fray in the manner that he has. I must say, I find it a well calculated plot whether he is genuine or a front man of the Mugabe school of "intelligence thought." His introduction has got Zimbabweans of all walks of life talking about the coming elections, he has even attracted the international community who have at different levels expressed their interests in the man behind the name. I am exiled and disenfrancised of my vote, I could have easily gambled to vote for him were I in the country. Morgan has shown some inconsistances and his lack of decisiveness on critical issues have decampaigned his cause and played himself into a well designed Zanupf trap. Mugabe clearly wants to quit but cannot leave his party in shordy hands of the likes of Mnangagwa and the Mujuru faction. He neither can appoint Simba outrightly as his successor because the two scenarios will most certainly cause chaos in Zanupf and jeopardise his exit plans. Therefore Simba has in my own opinion been sanctioned by Mugabe to stand as an independent in these elections. Mudede will be called to do his unwise tricks and ensure a Simba victory. Simba will have to ensure that Mugabe has the security he so requires as part of his exit package. He will then have to work with the elected M.P's from all parties to form a government of national unity. I forsee Morgan as Minister of Home Affairs, Welshman as Minister responsible for constitutional affairs, Authur Min. of technology, Mnangagwa Min. of Defence, Joyce Min. of Education. Others of a more professional standing who have not been tainted in the politics of the last decade will then be called to drive the nation towards economic recovery. Areas that Simba will have to seriously address are: constitutional reforms, land/agricultural reforms-revival, economic resuscitation, donor and investor confidence, property rights and obviously the respect of human rights and the rule of law. Morgan will have time to reorganise his party, restrategise and continue to be a party of option. Zanu pf will also find time to unite and sort themselves out. Simba will have to either take the helm in Zanupf or form a strong party composed of consulted civil society leaders, MDC politicians, business leaders and clear headed Zanu pf members.I wish the gentleman and his undercover backers all the best. To the electorate I say know what you want, take a gamble, wait for the next five years and see where we stand. After that you will be able to decide whether to switch your political affiliation or stay where you are. Above all May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of us all have Mercy on Zimbabwe. May His Mercy and Grace sustain us all. May His Peace and Love reign. May the Stripes of Jesus Christ heal our land and our people. Let us forgive our enemies and work together to create a better Zimbabwe that we all can be proud of.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Its very interesting that we have new players in the area of politics. Its sad for me who is really above youth, age-wise to know that I was detained in prison, got tortured to near death and had to live out of the country as a refugee - only to suffer again in an independent Zimbabwe! Believe me - its very painful to see our children now suffer like this in a country now tattered to say the least - what then did we suffer for??? All I can say is all those registered to vote - do so, and do so wisely - and don't allow yourself to be conned anymore by those who want to beef up and boost up their own pockets at the expense of your being a kwashiokar case!
Cheers lets all go and exercise our rights - our future is in our hands now.

Anonymous said...

greetings comrades.
May i congratulate NYDT for publishing this Blog, it is a welcome development that will contribute to the sharing of information and values for the betterment of ourselves and our nation.
I believe Simba MAkoni's entry into the presidential race is a commendable move. at least he has shown that he is not a spineless Doctor like some people we know. as far as i can see, he is the Zanu PF politician who has made a deliberate attempt to express his disapproval of the Mugabe regime.
However the question of whether he offers a better future for us is debatable.
Zimbabwe is in a daunting leadership crisis and right now, anyone besides Mugabe is good enough. Tsvangirai has certainly failed to exhibit characteristics that can convice us that he is diplomatic enough to lead this country.
He has shown himself as rather careless with his words much to the soiling of his image. look as how he got himself entangled in a treason trial with the cantankarous Ari Ben Menashe. Even after the mass-stay away era, He and the MDC have failed to show themselves as a viable alternative. Infact, it is likely that Tsvangirai has the same dictatorial tendencies as Mugabe.
Makoni on the other, i believe has been diplomatic enough. His former position in the African Development Bank enhances his image and although he has been in the Zanu PF politburo he certainly offers voters a better incentive. not much of his politicing is known by many making him a better devil. He is well educated and that is likely to gain him greater respect locally and even internationally especially in the wake of the need for foreign aid to rescucitate our economy.
Lets vote Makoni, his could be a better path, though it may be littered with thorns, it looks better than Tsvangirayi's which could have landmines...

Anonymous said...

simba ndizo phambili nge youth parliament

Anonymous said...

it is just premature to judge the candidature of Simba makoni but if he comes out in the open then he might just be the catalyst needed to put in place the so called regime change in Zimbabwe. Until then we have to keep vigilant so as not to fall into a zanu pf trap.......