Thursday, 13 March 2008

NYDT Remembers March 11 2007

As we remember the March 11 events, we take this opportunity to remember the gallant fighters ( youths) that have been sacrificed for the cause of genuine Freedom and independence in Zimbabwe( Gift Tandare, Learnmore Jongwe and others). On this day ( March 11) we once again condemn with the strongest words, the state sponsored violence and brutality against unarmed but concerned citizens. We assert that the futureof this country, the development of Zimbabwe and the growth of future leaders can not be established in this ensuing culture of violence. We affirm our support for all the activists, civic groups, opposition movements and other progressive movements working towards the restoration of democratic and developmental fundamentals in Zimbabwe. In that same vein we confirm our solidarity with all the Zimbabwean youths who continue on the day to day struggle against the ever increasing insecurities such as state sponsored violence, lawlessness, draconian legislations, flawed electoral frameworks and practice, hunger, poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS and marginalization.

The levels of intolerance that prevail in the Zimbabwean political landscape have really reached alarming levels. There is an African proverb which says, “When lice begins to reach his underpants, a man must boil his clothes”. This is a simple proverb which means that a problem must not be allowed to reach alarming levels before drastic measures are taken to solve it. The perpetuation of a culture of intolerance and violence in Zimbabwean political landscape has really reached alarming levels and as we move towards determining the future of Zimbabwe on the 29th of March, we call upon all the young people in Zimbabwe to stop the rot by acting responsibly, condemning violence and diverting their energies towards building a better political culture in Zimbabwe. It is only when we allow differing opinions to emerge that we progress as a nation. Wise men say, "When two business people always agree, then one of them is of no use".

It is therefore imperative that government security forces practice tolerance and become the sole protectors of the citizens of Zimbabwe not perpetrators of the violence they are supposed to curb. Leaders deserve to be respected and a disagreement with their views should not be expressed through the use of bullets, button sticks nor teargas but should be raised in a respectful non violent manner.